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The understanding of wrapping cut operation and harm

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Wrapping cut operation is a of outpatient service small operation, it is good that operation time needs the left and right sides 20 minutes only. At present wrapping cut operation has several kinds, cut from scissors of generation operation, cut to the laser annulus of the 2nd generation, cut an operation to annulus of current plastics of chalaza of the 3rd acting wrapping again. Wrapping operation is current the name is various, laser annulus cuts annulus of wrapping of type of art, Han to cut method.

Total wrapping operation is provided most at present representative, the annulus of wrapping chalaza plastics that is the 3rd generation then cuts an operation. Because plastic surgery of chalaza of the 3rd acting wrapping is on the base that annulus of the 2nd acting wrapping cuts,the sexual life that began wrapping chalaza plastic surgery solely to be able to raise the male effectively is experienced, extend sexual life time of the male.

Beijing An Ren hospital learns unit of collaboration of clinical scientific research, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to treat difficulty as Chinese sex unit of director of courtyard of name of ill name doctor, healthy newspaper, the hospital insists to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the course with complementary advantage develops way, begin annulus of the 3rd acting wrapping solely to cut plastic surgery of chalaza of wrapping of chalaza plastic surgery.

The expert accuses eventually: Wrapping passes to grow or wrap a bine, want as soon as possible to become wrapping cut operation, ten million does not procrastinate, because wrapping crosses the long harm that wrap a bine,be very serious.

(1) cloggy penis development, affect the harmony of sexual life: The growth of penis of influence of the meeting that wrap a bine development, be encased closely by wrapping as a result of glans in adolescence, those who cannot get the outside is due and exciting, the development of glans gets very big manacle, the week way that causes the glans coronal ministry after sexual organs development is mature is apparently small, affect sexual pleasure.

Adult can grow too as a result of wrapping or wrap a bine, influence normality lives. Especially the man with wrapping too young caliber, break up on wrapping irrecoverable, wrapping gets stuck to be in in coronal shape channel closely, into embed a bag bine, painful not very. Serious when, because of,glans is met blood stream not free and produce oedema, can produce glans even necrotic.

(2) make phallic agnail: There is rich sebaceous glands inside wrapping, can secrete much leather fat. When bag bine or wrapping are too long, make the secretion of the sebaceous glands inside wrapping cannot eduction, the state of sedimentary synthesis cheese in leather fat and make water is odd smelly " wrapping dirties " . Wrapping dirty is appropriate the bacterium grows, reason can cause glans and wrapping inflammation. The bacteria is passed urethral still can cause uric road infection. Happen in the inflammation of urethral mouth, urethral mouth can be caused after heal narrow, cause dysuria.
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