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Hospital equipment maintenance manages summary

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The important sign of the modern degree of hospital equipment, it is medical treatment, scientific research, religion grind, teaching job is the mainest element, also be the postulate that raises level of medical science and technology ceaselessly. Current, the development of clinical medicine division depends on greatly the development of the instrument, have conclusive effect even. Accordingly, the construction management of equipment of hospital medical treatment already made a when contemporary hospital manages main field. The maintenance of equipment is care and maintenance, examination and repaired floorboard.

(one) the action that builds maintenance center to distribute equipment of play medical treatment to fill, divide outside strengthening management, wear away as a result of what use for a long time or because element quality is poorer, in use often can malfunction and the influence works normally, bring economically loss to the hospital, if send repairman to make malfunctioning instrument equipment,go undertaking repairing, not only time is long, and repair charge costly. So, the hospital is necessary to build hospital equipment and center of maintenance of medical treatment equipment, be helpful for a patient diagnosing cure namely so, can save funds expenditure for the hospital again, also accord with the requirement of science management hospital at the same time. Accordingly, should according to hospital dimensions, establish medical treatment equipment to maintain a center, deploy a certain quantity of professional technology personnel and maintenance technician, the test instrument with a certain quantity of equipment and mechanical equipment and necessary repairman are provided, lay in all sorts of maintenance data, develop to medical high-tech direction stage by stage, it is very necessary.

(2) equipment maintains and check

1, equipment maintains; It is the external demand of instrument specifications, basically had done dustproof, water-vapor proof, corrosion protection, person specially assigned for a task or job custodial, fixed maintain, calm dot is deposited, regular inspection. Hospital equipment executes 3 class to maintain commonly make.

① daily attention: Maintain by the instrument the person is responsible, its content is exterior cleanness, tighten the screw that solid Yi Song moves and spare parts, examination movement is normal, component is complete. Daily attention basically is in equipment is peripheral.

One class of ② maintains: Maintain by the instrument the person undertakes by the plan, basically be in-house cleanness, the examination has general reason of as good as besides (wait like humidity, sound) , local examination and adjust.

2 class of ③ maintain: A kind repair preventively, maintain by the instrument person and repair personnel to undertake jointly, check the main body part of equipment, establish main component, adjust precision, change when necessary fragile component.
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