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Breakdown of CT of PICKER PQS helix

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Breakdown phenomenon: Fixed position resembles having horizontal way piece shape bogus shadow, image of position of axle is unusual (the window that use a brain sees the parenchyma inside skull inky, skull sees) dimly.

Analysis and eliminate: By breakdown phenomenon analysis, breakdown may result from signal collects a passageway.

This passageway includes detector module, detector mother board and WFSCC board. Check VFSCC first board. Open frame side face plate, interior has 3 identical WFSCC board, their located passageway each are not identical. With two two replaced methods, scanning water model, breakdown is changeless. Judge WFSCC from this board without reason barrier. Do DITA test, observe the indication condition of detector data.

Show a width is the horizontal bright line of 100D on screen, the specification has one detector mother board attaint. Open the face plate before frame, face plate of careful debus taper, show detector annulus, the data that provides according to DITA finds corresponding detector mother board. Microscope, this mother board in canal of on two insurance, an interior already was burned.

Change same type to be sure to be in charge of, switch on the mobile phone scanning water model, discover fixed position resembles still having the bogus picture of horizontal way, but bogus shadow range is greatly narrow, at the same time axial bitmap resembles well-regulated strip bogus image. Suspect by what former breakdown detector has damage in the 10 detector module of mother board power supply. One by one checks module of these 10 detector, discovery has the mark of burn on one module among them. Identify carefully, it is to stick a small electric capacity by burn down. Exchange this module the position with other module, do scanning a few times. Exchange the position every time, the position of shadow of the bogus in scanning earnings picture also changes accordingly.

Judging breakdown module from this is this one. Change after using new detector module, scanning returns to normal.

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