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Dialytic machine safeguards blood and the issue that pay attention to wants in m

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Defend the flying development of make trouble course of study as medical treatment, equipment of many high-tech electron is continuous emerge in large numbers, it is a technology concentrated, knowledge the product with concentrated, concentrated capital, and blood is dialytic no matter machine is homebred the equipment that still imports, (the entrance holds proportion big) , all belong to high-tech Electromechanical unifinication medicine report product, and use personal computer technology. Self check warning function is much, the operation is relatively complex, and different producing area (its operation method mixes different type to safeguard a method to also differ daily.

Additional, at present large and medium-sized blood is dialytic dialytic machine still cannot satisfy the blood that dialytic room place deploys center or small-sized blood completely actual place needs, do not have mostly reserve accordingly machine, in the patient much circumstance falls, general everyday every equipment wants dialytic 2 reach 3 patients even, working hours is long, time is as long as (10-15 hour) , burden of operation personnel thought is heavier, because the operation is undeserved,often appear and cause factitious trouble.

More undeserved than adjusting like common concerned key-press or knob, hematic road or liquid pipeline place burst, the inspissation of dialytic fluid fluid deserves to add up to a requirement than notting agree with, optical sensor is not clean wait for an element and bring about a machine to often appear to call the police groovily, because outside ambient does not accord with machine place to ask, mistake is machine occurrence breakdown, make overall the success that cannot enter normal and dialytic program in time to affect whole and dialytic plan thereby, also brought thought burden to the patient at the same time, and scared to machine generation feeling.

Equipment of large medical treatment involves a variety of course and major, if medicine, electron, mechanical, optical, automata, computer, communication chart resembles processing, biology waiting, medical project major already became an omnibus subject, large facility itself is giant and complex, maintenance relies on a person to be finished very hard, collaboration of talent of need many sided works in coordination, understand support each other, so division of hospital medicine engineering should be a can coordinate closely group that has each respect professional. Each member needs to have good moral character and scientific project quality, ability ensures a hospital of equipment of all sorts of large medical treatment move normally, the development that is major of project of our country medicine and career of clinical medical treatment makes his contribution.

In view of afore-mentioned circumstances, we think dialytic machine safeguards blood with management it is very important, the medical engineering personnel that holds the position of this job is due higher business quality, before pursueing this job commonly, should undertake necessary dialytic to all sorts of model blood machine the technology grooms and jackaroo, join the real case of this academy, be familiar with the operation of this equipment, better land masters the electric function of equipment, the characteristic of this machine, operating rules, safeguard with maintain, can be opposite the processing of a few common breakdown. When equipment cannot enter normal order, very can fast judgement goes out is an operation undeserved still be equipment itself problem, so that take corresponding lash-up step. For really effective assurance the instrument moves and use, the problem of a few respects needs to pay close attention to.
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