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Plastic hairdressing operation is practical manual

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Grinding art, palpebral anaplasty, facial the art that pull a skin... wait for plastic hairdressing operation to be in the to apply for a job this year person in very popular. But the time that should ask about each plastic surgery, side-effect, risk, effect and when restoring time, great majority patient is utterly ignorant however. "The bosom friend tells the other, emerge victorious in every battle " , the detail be clear that adversary art wants of course before art is in heart.

This, our newspaper reporter continued to undertake compiling mixing to the relevant data of certain and common plastic surgery collect, let consumer there is specific aim more when plastic, avoid blind plastics.

Grinding art

Pass the wheel that high speed rotates, scratch most surface layer (especially all round mouth) the skin, make outstanding, irregular skin softer. Other scratch place includes the acne area, place that has scar and microgroove. Need when the operation bureau

Ministry or it is general anesthesia, perhaps use anaesthetic spray.

Operation time: A few minutes differ to a hour, the likelihood is more than a period of treatment.

Whether be in hospital: Serve as outpatient commonly, do not need be in hospital.

Side-effect: The skin has be prickled temporarily and glowing feeling, accompany have scratchy, strut and aglow appearance. Very sensitive to sunshine, cannot use later suntan automatically the product of agent and so on, avoid to issue insolate in sunshine.

Risk: Color of skin is abnormal, and for permanent. Petty millet bead rash (temporary) , allergy of infection, scar, skin, calorific a bleb and cold agnail.

Restore time: Two Zhou Zhi hind can resume the work; Can be engaged in moving acutenessly a little after 4-6 Zhou Zhi; Complete come out needs aglow phenomenon at least 3 months; 6-12 ability leaves an activity in sunshine after the month.

Effect duration: Although the consenescence as the age, the skin can form new wrinkle, but the effect after grinding is permanent.

Palpebral cosmetology

Through the eye ministry with redundant purify adipose, skin is mixed muscle, correct and of purify prolapse go up eyelid and bloated pouch and piscine end grain. The operation needs local or it is general anesthesia.

Operation time: 1-3 hour.

Whether be in hospital: Serve as outpatient normally, do not need be in hospital.

Side-effect: Brief unwell feeling, eyelid has stretch tight closely injury of feeling, strut, silt, brief dry feel with burn, eye ministry has scratchy feeling. Often weep, a few first weeks after the operation, the eye is very sensitive to the light.

Risk: The line of sight blurs or have double picture. Have infection and sanguinary risk. Hair of ministry of canthus place strut, eye forms millet bead rash drily, likely. Rehabilitation hind has slight asymmetry or become scarred appearance. It is difficult to shut an eye completely to have (the meeting below few circumstance is permanent cannot shut eye) . Next palpebral positions are reduced, the likelihood needs again operation. Temporary blindness, the meeting below few circumstance causes permanent blindness.
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