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The expert talks about labial plastics beauty culture

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Hairdressing plastics changes his appearance, besides eye operation and cheek, labial part also nots allow to ignore. Cai Qin, Pan Yueyun the thick lip of hand of two home famous Gong Ge is everybody be obvious to all, impressive. General and popular fashion is adoring quite it seems that have " sex appeal " thick lip, the woman that urges light, thin lip goes after relatively plump and smooth-skinned labrum.

Years not Rao Ren, furrow is reached besides flabby skin on the face outside, the lip also can attenuate gradually < the light, thin lip that exists in certain youth is additional kind of problem, do not talk here > . Former and OK cut a skin or pull a skin to improve, latter does not suggest to cut a skin, have a few kinds of material however < from body adipose reach collagen albumen > local inject fill can improve mouth form outward appearance apparently, only can the part is absorbed disappear, must time inject ability ensures for many times results of battle.

When necessary the operation does labrum Y-V to form art of art or travel derma, adipose transplanting, track the result for a long time pretty good, be worth to try. Contrary, especially city Africa black asks to do shrink the balance of facial features of face of labial in an attempt to, it is so wonderful on the world match absolutely.

The word says average woman front of a garment sits when danger, have the lip of elegant appearance, once,can be when smile of get dizzy with success or yock, some people are whole and palatine outside tine cruel bare without involuntary discharge of urine, as equestrian roar, be not how one is nice, break private school daughter suddenly wind model. The path of face-lifting, need surgery of surgery of have the aid of, cut off palatine and gingival bone board straight (effect a permanent cure) , so opposite labrum can attenuate it seems that.

The complex operation somebody such as this can be not had accept, retreat and beg next (take temporary solution) , organization of OK and simple mucous membrane of excision part labrum or use cartilage silicon change content to fill park alveolar inside, of the lip when conduce smiles on cite an action. It is OK to do not disrelish toad to bother of course everyday model of DIY use lipstick will change labial external form, in order to lift two.

As to the labial periphery furrow that ageing causes, at present Lei She of high energy of accepted pulse carbon dioxide wears a skin or chemistry changes skin to be able to rebuild the collagen albumen inside repair derma, again the look with youthful model.

Talk about the mark of nose lip channel of nose mouth have a common boundary finally, this plait grain often brings about a face to take sadness because of caving apparently and make a person vinegary. Its formation depends on the place reaching the 崁 that there is direct fibre between muscle to enter hypodermically therefore, once smile drag in more form is apparent, the deep-seated and adipose organization that must become depth to play skin or direct excision or side of side of pump plait grain just can be improved, also somebody is improved with issueing fill from membrane of body derma flesh.
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