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Analyzer of cell of American BE-3000 blood is common breakdown

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Company of BE of BE-3000 department United States is newest the 3 classification that roll out analyzer of cell of 18 parameter blood. Its are main the characteristic is a result accurate, the operation is simple, safeguard convenient, will be safeguarded what the courtyard encounters in use of nearly 2 years daily in me now and common breakdown and eliminate a method to be summed up as follows.

1 , daily safeguard

(1) is daily carry out a / to close engine order to make sure conduit is clean thereby, in case plug-hole.

(2) undertakes WBC computation cup is cleaned every months, the method is from entree sheet chooses 6-MAINTEANCE, reelection 2-BLEACHWBC, 7ml10 % liquid of natrium of second chloric acid is put in end blood lower part of inspiratory and plastic pipe, press 1 key again, liquid of natrium of second chloric acid inspiratory immerse LOmin can.

(3) undertakes those who pick hematic a powerful person every months gyral clean.

Want to be safeguarded what accomplish 3 afore-mentioned projects daily only generally speaking, can work normally.

2, common breakdown reachs his to eliminate

2.1 leucocyte plug-hole (WBCCLOG)

Press 2-RUNSAMPLE from entree sheet above all, press 9-BACKFLUSH again, can rinse WBC computation aperture automatically repeatedly, if return newspaper WBCCLOG, carry out WBC computation cup to clean can eliminate.

2.2 negative pressure fail (VACUUMFAILURE)

Jam by pipeline commonly cause negative pressure trouble. Open instrument fan door above all, one by one checks each pipeline joint to have without flat, but one by one eliminates flat hind still sign up for this breakdown. There is a head via searching the face plate after be an instrument to go up finally place is flat, this head expresses the contact that measures negative pressure for negative pressure, screw this, trouble removal.

2.3 specimens prepare plug-hole (WBCPRESAMPLECLOG)

This instrument design arrives from WBC attenuant cup for example the time of mensurable ministry exceeds set value to sign up for this breakdown namely.

General examination arrives via 4 a powerful person from WBC attenuant cup pipeline of this one part has WBC mensurable department the fluid that do not have leakage can. Join to WBC from 4 a powerful person via checking the liquid metal ground connection on pipeline is in leakage fluid attenuantly, the trouble removal after the white that liquid ground connection is in the screw on plastic clip screws.

2.4 from wash a needle to clean place leak downward because suck appearance to scour a place,the liquid is too rely on to go up be caused by, will clean an unit 2 fixed screw are loose, move downward 2mm-3mm can.

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