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In CT nurses daily and moving normally, safeguard

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In job of daily care and maintenance, how to make the fault rate of CT machine is reduced, improving use efficiency is personnel of technology of Cheng of every CT mechanic and the main responsibility of use personnel. Mix with respect to the working environment of CT machine now preventive safeguard.

The computer and electron yuan the insulation resistance of parts of an apparatus changes along with temperature and change, and very sensitive, it is normal to move to assure a machine accordingly, appear control of environmental temperature, humidity very important inside certain limits. Temperature is exorbitant, the odds that produces a mistake can increase. When CT machine is undertaking normal scanning, its are like the electric machinery inside frame of system of all of computer science department, high pressure, scanning and control to rotate partly each the electronic circuit that the bed runs, data collects the metropolis such as system and canal of X line ball to produce much quantity of heat.

Because machine itself is contained,come loose the action that heats up fan to add indoor air-conditioner, so CT aircraft moves within safe temperature limits. If afore-mentioned some come loose,hot segment gives trouble, can make come loose hot function drops. Parts interior temperature is elevatory, can affect the working stability of electronic parts not only, also can bring about an electron yuan parts of an apparatus is premature ageing damages even. If temperature is too low, can affect CPU advocate board on brilliant brace up frequency and weaveform. Special in the winter, must make sure scanning room is inside temperature limits of the regulation, otherwise canal of X line ball is in difference in temperature is used in bigger environment, can bring about a ball to provide burst.

Additional, the working environment requirement of CT machine is dry, but humidity is too low, the geometry that can bring about certain material and structure is out of shape and performance varies, like twist, rupture, cause machine error; Humidity is exorbitant, can bring about addle of yuan of function of electron of parts of an apparatus, accurate and mechanical component rusts and reduce precision, shorten its use life. Prevent dirt to be opposite CT machine yuan the pollution of parts of an apparatus, also be the issue that cannot ignore.

Enter the personnel of CT room, must change shoe, the staff member must wear coverall, clean computer room answers after the job ends everyday. Cleaner is made with wet had better, prevent dirt raise. Prohibit smoking inside the computer room. Still must have daily attention regularly, change or clean dustproof net. CT scanning room and operation are like the dirt that has had many in the air of the room, have serious effect to yuan of parts of an apparatus of disk and computer, damage even disk, bring about plug-in unit board easily also yuan the contact of parts of an apparatus is undesirable.
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