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The maintenance of equipment of hospital medical treatment and maintain

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As the development of change quickly of modern science and technology, new technology applies at medicine ceaselessly clinical. The ceaseless emerge in large numbers of equipment of new-style medical treatment, promoted the development of medicine and technology of biology medicine engineering greatly. The economic benefits that medical treatment equipment creates in the proportion in hospital total assets and equipment is in a hospital the proportion in total economic benefits has very important place. Medical treatment equipment becomes gradually to the main effect of modern medicine cannot replace, become the essential condition that begins medical treatment, education, scientific research.

How to ensure the in good condition sex of equipment of hospital medical treatment to be led with carrying usury to use, increased economic benefits to become science of equipment of hospital medical treatment to turn the chief problem that management faces. The sort of after paying attention to equipment malfunction one-sidedly to happen repair, should saying is a kind of passive means, and the moving condition that observes equipment is daily alertly, know the property of the machine adequately, protect wholeheartedly, do fine installation to safeguard with maintain the job, nip in the bud, can reduce the manpower material resources that uses up in maintenance not only, reduce the moving cost of equipment, also can improve the moving efficiency of equipment at the same time. Safeguard with maintaining is to make sure equipment of hospital medical treatment is in good condition the important step with gender, indispensable dependability, equipment of research medical treatment is safeguarded with maintain the main component that management is management of equipment of hospital medical treatment.

One, medical treatment equipment is safeguarded with the meaning that maintain

The maintenance of medical treatment equipment is the external demand that equipment runs normally. Equipment is in use process, inevitable meeting produces the constant change of technical condition and parameter index, the maintenance that must make good equipment and maintain, with improving its technical condition at any time, make sure equipment is in optimal technology condition from beginning to end, reach eligible parameter target, raise the serviceability rate of equipment, utilization rate, improve benefit of the economic benefits of the hospital, society and integrated beneficial result. The utilization rate that carries out equipment of proof medical treatment and life depend on greatly safeguard with the stand or fall that maintain. The maintenance that makes equipment of good medical treatment and maintain management has important sense to the development of the hospital.

1, strengthen pair of medical treatment equipment to maintain the utilization rate that can raise medical treatment equipment with the management that maintain, serviceability rate. Serviceability rate makes sure medical treatment equipment is in optimal technology condition from beginning to end namely. Build perfect maintenance system, undertake scientific and orderly care and maintenance, ability assures the utilization rate of equipment and serviceability rate, raise the dependability of equipment, make sure equipment works normally.
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